Lola Storry Counselling


I work with people who have experienced:

  • Sexual violence

  • Relationship violence

  • Childhood abuse and neglect

  • Grief and loss

  • Chronic illness, disease or a terminal diagnosis

  • Birth trauma

  • Self-injury, eating disorders and substance use

  • Anxiety, hypervigilence and compulsive behaviours

  • Depression, dissociation and numbness


We may use a variety of strategies to cope with our pain when we are overwhelmed - it is possible to heal and to release our shame.


How I work:

I believe in the independence and integrity of all my clients. In my experience, we can only relax and learn when we feel safe. Safety is established when we believe that we can be seen and understood without judgement - as your therapist, I will stay with you as you tell your story and develop skills to feel safe and regulated.


As a trauma therapist, I am influenced by neurobiological research which indicates we heal trauma using a “bottom up” approach - this simply means we will get curious about feedback from your body and how it relates to your thoughts and feelings. Somatic strategies offer us accessible ways to ground and soothe your body in the present moment.


I welcome adults (18+) of all identities to my practice and commit to making our time together safe and respectful.